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“Mom, What’s the Right Age to Start Having Sex?”

“Mom, what’s the right age to start having sex?” That was exactly the question I wasn’t expecting, sitting with my 13-year-old son and my husband in a restaurant overlooking the Hudson, sipping a cocktail, waiting for our food to arrive. I … Continue reading

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Common Ground in the Culture Wars

Because we’re addicted to silly arguments and trumped up controversies, and because the most sophisticated move we seem able to make as a culture is forcing every issue into two, and no more than two, warring camps, lately we’ve been … Continue reading

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The Happy Organized Home Sale or How The Container Store Endangers Your Immortal Soul

Believe me when I say that I had no choice but to go The Container Store yesterday.  My daughter’s jewelry-making supplies scattered all over her floor made walking from the door to her bed hazardous, and I had shopped everywhere … Continue reading

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