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We Don’t Need Books to Free. We Need Them to be Brilliant.

When I’m meeting people for the first time, some of them want to confess: “Bless me, Librarian, for I have sinned. It has been four years since I last read a book.” People tell me this sheepishly (and quite unbidden. … Continue reading

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An Angel Packs a Suitcase

Politicians and business leaders demand that schools prepare students for the future, but the future is notoriously difficult to predict. Which future shall we prepare them for? Star Trek  or The Hunger Games? How can we responsibly prepare students for whatever the … Continue reading

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Teach the Timeless

Version 6.0, 2012 Did you ever see “Shift Happens”? You might remember it as the “Did You Know?” presentation, full of startling statistics about the relative populations of China, India and the United States, and about the exponential growth of … Continue reading

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Confession of Love

Dear Facebook, I don’t know if this letter will come as a shock to you after all this time. I mean, it’s been three years now since your digital charms overcame my bookish resistance (it was February 27, 2009, not that … Continue reading

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Internettled? Work With It!

Today, Perfect Whole presents something completely new: a guest post! Dr. Elena Taurke-Joseph, a psychologist and filmmaker, proposes a productive, self-compassionate process to use when feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated with technology. This is the first of a series, which she … Continue reading

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Questions About Digital Natives

(Note: these questions are just a footnote to the essay “Funeral for a Digital Immigrant.”) If students are digital natives, why do I keep having to show them how to add a printer? But more to the point, what is the … Continue reading

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Funeral for a Digital Immigrant

Dearly beloved, we are gathered together in the presence of God and in the company of the education profession to lay to rest our dear brother, the Digital Immigrant. To most, the Digital Immigrant was a hapless but earnest educator, … Continue reading

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You Can Spread It with a Paper Knife!

Remember this commercial?  No?  Well, 1977 really was a long time ago, I suppose.  This 36-second drama presents a man in a suit explaining to a housewife that Pillsbury Frosting Supreme is so creamy that “you can spread it with … Continue reading

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Romance and Letterboxing

Letterboxing is a hike combined with a treasure hunt, a 100-year-old weekend hobby in which hikers follow a series of clues to find a hidden box.  In the previous century, English enthusiasts passed the location of the only two letterboxes … Continue reading

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