“Popping the Hood”

Over on Neil Fein’s Magnificent Nose, I have a post up about reading like a writer, including the tragic tale of how I lost my magical reading powers and what I got in exchange.

Read the essay here. 





About Julie Goldberg

Julie Goldberg has lived a life entirely too entangled with books. She is a school librarian, former English teacher, compulsive reader, occasional jazz singer and the author of Lily in the Light of Halfmoon. You can email her at perfectwhole@gmail.com and follow her on Twitter @juliegoldberg.
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4 Responses to “Popping the Hood”

  1. kielydogs@aol.com says:

    awesome writing! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. DM says:

    Good morning Julie, I have you on my wordpress feed. Anyway, we currently have a “jazz singer/ writer staying w/ us in our B and b suite for the summer and I thought of you as I reread your “about” section of your blog.. Wife and I have been enjoying many and varied conversations around the dinner table on writing, current events, the meaning of life, what makes for good coffee, and a whole lot more. I’m guessing you’d enjoy the bantering as well. DM

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