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The Girl on the Garden State Parkway

A few years ago, I was driving north on the Garden State Parkway after attending a full-day graduate class. I was tired, and the trip home would take well over an hour. I harmonized with the radio to keep awake. … Continue reading

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Adventures in Bothmind

I grew up both. Both Catholic and Jewish. Both an only child and the youngest of four. Both middle and working class. Both a child of the 70s and 80s and, by accidents of birth and history, a very late … Continue reading

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Common Ground in the Culture Wars

Because we’re addicted to silly arguments and trumped up controversies, and because the most sophisticated move we seem able to make as a culture is forcing every issue into two, and no more than two, warring camps, lately we’ve been … Continue reading

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Freaks, Gleeks, Demarites, and Occupy Wall Street: a Five-Day Series

I. Comic-book Geeks My seventh grade homeroom was held in an art classroom containing three long tables with tall stools. When we wandered into junior high school that first morning, searching for familiar faces from our elementary schools, the art … Continue reading

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