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What Are We Preparing Our Students For?

Today on Perfect Whole we have a guest post by my colleague, Richard Smith. A longer version of this essay was published in our school newspaper. Rich and I work in an extremely high-achieving school district in which nearly all … Continue reading

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A Terminal Curable Disease

I’ve been brewing an essay on the illness that is perfectionism for a long time now. It’s not quite cooked yet. But this morning, after a terrible loss in our community, the thought came out  like this: Be a beautiful … Continue reading

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A Year Has Passed

This week is the anniversary of Perfect Whole’s first post. The post itself barely warrants notice, much less celebration. It explained why I was blogging (it was Neil Fein’s fault), my utterly uninteresting aversion to the word “blog,” and my … Continue reading

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This Essay is Not Living Up to Its Potential

You’re not working up to your potential! Raise your hand if your teachers told you this when you were growing up. Wow! That many of you! That’s a LOT of unlived-up-to potential! Let us pause for a moment and imagine … Continue reading

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Part II. Unknown Unknowns

Mock Donald Rumsfeld all you like for his famous “Unknown unknowns” remark about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but he was right: it’s the stuff you don’t know that you don’t know that will sneak up from behind and … Continue reading

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