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Definitely Not the Opera

(This isn’t a real Perfect Whole essay. Those are long and complicated! This is just a short post about the amazing new place blogging took me recently.) I was contacted by Clare Lawlor, a producer at a CBC radio show … Continue reading

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A Year Has Passed

This week is the anniversary of Perfect Whole’s first post. The post itself barely warrants notice, much less celebration. It explained why I was blogging (it was Neil Fein’s fault), my utterly uninteresting aversion to the word “blog,” and my … Continue reading

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In Which Our Naive Heroine Reconsiders the Definition of the Word “Publish”

Or, Going Meta Rather Early in the Game Yesterday, I put an essay on this blog called, “I Can’t Believe You’re Throwing Out Books!” I posted a link to it on Facebook. A librarian friend shared it with his colleagues … Continue reading

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Blogging…such an ugly word

I am not blogging.  I am not sharing my thoughts throughout the day.  My fleeting opinions about breaking news, the state of American education, the mysterious textures of love and the decline of literature are adequate for dinner-table conversation, but … Continue reading

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