“The Circus of Dreams”

If you love magic, slipstream, history and romance, you’ll probably love Erin Morgenstern’s debut novel, The Night Circus.

Here’s an excerpt of my review of it on the Magnificent Nose. Click over to Neil’s place if you’d like to read more.

“Set in the late 19th century in various cities around the world, The Night Circus is the story of a challenge imposed on two innocent children by the rival, egomaniacal magicians who are their guardians. The children, Celia and Marcus, grow up isolated, unaware of one another, joylessly studying and practicing magic in preparation for a contest whose rules are never explained to them. All they know is that they will have to compete with someone whom they will not know, in places, times, and circumstances unknown to them, and that it is most crucial that they win. No questions are permitted.

Naturally, they are destined to fall in love.”

Read more here:

About Julie Goldberg

Julie Goldberg has lived a life entirely too entangled with books. She is a school librarian, former English teacher, compulsive reader, occasional jazz singer and the author of Lily in the Light of Halfmoon. You can email her at perfectwhole@gmail.com and follow her on Twitter @juliegoldberg.
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