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“Mom, What’s the Right Age to Start Having Sex?”

“Mom, what’s the right age to start having sex?” That was exactly the question I wasn’t expecting, sitting with my 13-year-old son and my husband in a restaurant overlooking the Hudson, sipping a cocktail, waiting for our food to arrive. I … Continue reading

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(The following is a version of the speech I gave at my son Isaac’s bar mitzvah last weekend. To illustrate the point before I began, I took off my high-heeled shoes and stood next to him in front of the … Continue reading

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Lobbing Nerf Rocks

At a workshop I attended recently, Emmy Laybourne, author of the Monument 14 series, shared a rule, well-known among screenwriters, that I had never heard before: “Chase your character up a tree and throw rocks at him.” It’s smart advice: … Continue reading

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Perfect Whole, Superstorm Sandy Edition

We are grateful to have come through the storm safe and well, with no property damage, though I did not at all like the threatening looks one old, majestic oak was casting in the direction of my dining room. It … Continue reading

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The Girl on the Garden State Parkway

A few years ago, I was driving north on the Garden State Parkway after attending a full-day graduate class. I was tired, and the trip home would take well over an hour. I harmonized with the radio to keep awake. … Continue reading

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What We Got for $140,000

Tomorrow, my daughter graduates 8th grade, bringing an end to her twelve years of Waldorf education. She’s been a student at Green Meadow Waldorf School since she was three years old, longer than she can remember. To her, Waldorf school … Continue reading

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Common Ground in the Culture Wars

Because we’re addicted to silly arguments and trumped up controversies, and because the most sophisticated move we seem able to make as a culture is forcing every issue into two, and no more than two, warring camps, lately we’ve been … Continue reading

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The Overthrow of the Queen

When my daughter Grace was in the second grade, she staged a small, gentle revolution against a powerful person. Now 14 ½ and in eighth grade, she wrote the following memoir for an English assignment: The Small Rebellion By Grace … Continue reading

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The Turret

 The Turret The house, the one I will never have, is a Queen Anne Victorian with a large wraparound porch, a Painted Lady with gingerbread trim, oddly-shaped windows, and stained glass.  It features little rooms that pop up in unexpected … Continue reading

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It Still Really Feels Like A Soul in Here

My teenage daughter suffered a minor head injury in a swimming pool this week, and felt dizzy and lethargic afterward.  I debated taking her to the emergency room, but opted for the pediatrician who was covering for ours that day. … Continue reading

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