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Internettled? Work With It!

Today, Perfect Whole presents something completely new: a guest post! Dr. Elena Taurke-Joseph, a psychologist and filmmaker, proposes a productive, self-compassionate process to use when feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated with technology. This is the first of a series, which she … Continue reading

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This Essay is Not Living Up to Its Potential

You’re not working up to your potential! Raise your hand if your teachers told you this when you were growing up. Wow! That many of you! That’s a LOT of unlived-up-to potential! Let us pause for a moment and imagine … Continue reading

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God Bless You. Or Not.

Safe home! Life is dangerous. Our travels can be hazardous in bad weather. We get sick and injured. We get our hearts broken. We get tides of bad luck when everything goes wrong. We do not have a nice weekend. … Continue reading

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You Can Spread It with a Paper Knife!

Remember this commercial?  No?  Well, 1977 really was a long time ago, I suppose.  This 36-second drama presents a man in a suit explaining to a housewife that Pillsbury Frosting Supreme is so creamy that “you can spread it with … Continue reading

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Midlife Crisis; Or, Why Time Travel Wouldn’t Have Helped, Anyway

  I’m no expert in the mid-life crisis, being in the midst of one and not having yet come out on the other side to write sagely of the hazards and rewards of the journey for those just setting out.  … Continue reading

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The Turret

 The Turret The house, the one I will never have, is a Queen Anne Victorian with a large wraparound porch, a Painted Lady with gingerbread trim, oddly-shaped windows, and stained glass.  It features little rooms that pop up in unexpected … Continue reading

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It Still Really Feels Like A Soul in Here

My teenage daughter suffered a minor head injury in a swimming pool this week, and felt dizzy and lethargic afterward.  I debated taking her to the emergency room, but opted for the pediatrician who was covering for ours that day. … Continue reading

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The Happy Organized Home Sale or How The Container Store Endangers Your Immortal Soul

Believe me when I say that I had no choice but to go The Container Store yesterday.  My daughter’s jewelry-making supplies scattered all over her floor made walking from the door to her bed hazardous, and I had shopped everywhere … Continue reading

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Romance and Letterboxing

Letterboxing is a hike combined with a treasure hunt, a 100-year-old weekend hobby in which hikers follow a series of clues to find a hidden box.  In the previous century, English enthusiasts passed the location of the only two letterboxes … Continue reading

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